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  • One In Million
  • 3105 Parkside dr
  • Plano,TX, USA 75075
  • Phone: 9-SAVE-NOW-10
  • cell: 972-836-6910

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    Welcome to the Incredible Pre-Launch of Regeneca!

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    • Regeneca International, Inc. was formed to create and commercialize products that help consumers improve their health,
    • battle the signs and symptoms of aging and to assist them to "regenerate their life."
    • Regeneca was founded upon the ideal that we are all products of the environment and world around us.
    • Our products and our philosophy are designed to reconnect you to the Earth's source of healing properties with a symbiotic approach.



    • Fact! The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry.

    • Fact! All Natural Weight Loss products work as good as if not better than the prescription drugs.

    • Fact! The All Natural Weight Loss Industry is projected to become a billion dollar business.

    • Fact! Regeneca is positioned with RegeneSlim to be the Natural Weight Loss Leader.

    • Fact! Many Independent Regeneca Distributors will make millions in commissions selling RegeneSlim.

    • Products such as RegeneSlim and RegenLife are products like none other that promote complete life wellness and happiness.
    • Come with us as we spread the "Green" Truth.
    • All REGENECA products must fit the highest standard of conservation, and reduced carbon footprint
    • The product must also work to preserve and promote the user's health at the most elemental level of life; the genetic level

    One In Million is Upfront